Sunday, December 15, 2013

Translating Japanese English

When going to Japan there are important things to bear in mind when checking in to random places:

First of all better deposit an important thing in a front. My best guess would be your wallet good visible to everybody that the hotel inside of a hall may suit itself with theft, loss, breakage, etc. while taking no responsibility. A hotel hall putting on a dress consisting of theft, loss, breakage, etc. while taking no responsibility for stealing your most important thing in front might not sound so trustful, but this sentence is also open for lots of interpretations. Maybe it's about marriage? Or taking your virginity? Or "front" is some name for an unknown place of wealth and wisdom? Who knows?

Attention! The owners of this place do not even eat and drink, they even refuse it hard! And they smoke in a prescribed place! A clear sign of vampires going up in flames when exposed to sunlight and in urgent need of your blood for making a living. And your phone doesn't seem to work as it is refusing all and only communicating with the reception desk. As you're also unable to call for help you should better keep some healthy distance between you and these mysterious creatures.

Okay, this is an easy one. The man isn't allowed to put it (most likely the important thing in front) in the female zone and vice versa. Don't know why they wrote this message, maybe just for being sure that you're depositing an important thing in a front. Thanks god there's the "common zone", where you can "interview" the man's or the woman's "it", which is most likely not Irezmi etc. and drunkenness as they tend to refuse the use of this hotel. But - again - not as hard as the owners of this place refuse to eat and drink. So please be careful!

Maybe I was wrong with all my previous assumptions about an important thing. It occurs that the important thing is the projection thing, which should be not neglected, but on the other hand also not be discovered as the projection thing might be a doubtful thing for the hotel itself. Specially when being underfoot you should be careful enough! Maybe to avoid stepping on the projection thing hiding from the hotel in a secret place where it shouldn't be discovered?

Okay, another trace for vampires! And again they are writing about themselves refusing eating and drinking (at least not hard) and writing about "restaurants" on a sign with red background. RED! And then this keyword "one story beneath ground level", most likely talking about their coffins and stuff. So again: Keep your distance.

And maybe these creatures are disguising themselves as "doors" as the man's locker room appears to be their back. And I really don't want to go into detail about this. Only one suggestion: Keep your distance. Did I mention that?

Here's the hint about an extension plan for check out. I think this plan doesn't exist as it only seems to apply for guests "staying well" and according to previous insights this might be unlikely. And their are also having machines with the mysterious functions of sterilizing "it" and having sterilized "it". Maybe they mean the projection thing again hiding inside this machine of the hotel hall suiting up with theft, loss, breakage, etc in the back of this "door"?

Japan is too confusing.

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