Monday, November 25, 2013

A (sad) story about ponies

Imagine a world full of sad ponies, because somebody has eaten their legs and now they are crawling on the floor like helpless seals. And the unscrupulous monster addicted to pony legs also loves to eat their hearts, which in fact really really sucks. Then as you know, my dear readers, the world only spins because of the heartbeat of small ponies. And the less pony hearts are in active usage, the slower the world will turn around its own axis and the more countries have to stay in complete darkness which leads to a delay of seasons and will let the weather go crazy! But this is not even the worst thing!

Because when we'd refuse these wonderful pony legs and hearts to these monsters (since I'm here I'm somehow bringing this word in connection with Japan or North Korea and I somehow don't know why) they'd go crazy because of their strange addiction to pony parts and even this random army of people in blue coats wouldn't be able to do anything against it:

It is a sunny day, but they have no idea what is waiting for them...

But now back to the side effects of the loss of pony hearts. Because of all the reasons listened up in the first paragraph there will be no snow when the people in this wonderful country would like to go skiing. But thanks to highly advanced technology nobody really cares:

Snow? Bwahahaha! We make our own!

Overall, all these assumptions lead us to the following research question: Why is the world spinning because of pony hearts? We'll see, my dear readers, we'll see.

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