Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shocking News!

Yes, yes, yes, my dear readers!

It has been a while since my last update about scientific problems in Korea. To be honest, during the time of not writing anything I had the most craziest experience of my lifetime. But as it is in no relationship with the awkward shit I experienced precisely two days ago I won't mention it right now. I have one single question - and it is a really simple one: Do you know who Jack Nicholson is?

Most Koreans don't. And this is driving me more crazy than any Laser-in-your-eyes-if-you-are-doing-anything-wrong-lots-of-pain- or I-can-make-random-lollipops-out-of-balloons- or there-is-a-crazy-performance-with-I-do-not-know-things. So please encourage me. Tell me that you know Jack Nicholson. In your comments. In love letters. Or anything else. Then you might get some real updates. With really crazy shit. Promised. But please encourage me now and give me back my believe in humanity.

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