Sunday, October 6, 2013

Back to scientific problems...

Continued working on my paper with the question Do Koreans know how to party? (see some previous entry). Over the past few weeks I proceeded with field research by stumbling into random spots. To lower the tension (as this is serious scientific work and no essay about adventure): There is still no clear answer to this question as I'm trying to work on this paper on the most scientific way possible. So further resources are still necessary. But before I start to prove certain things I will share very important wisdom which is unavoidable when conducting data in crowded places.

Here is the answer to the question How do I go to the toilet in the most efficient way? You could of course use algorithms like A* search to achieve satisfying results but sometimes the capacities of the present hardware may not be enough in certain environments. Just watch Video Resource 1 and read this additional advices:

  • When you don't feel sexually attracted to queuing: Avoid the very first line. 
  • When you actually feel sexually attracted to queuing: Take the first line and enjoy the ride.
Video Resource 1: How to go to the toilet in crowded places

Okay. So much for the very important beginning. Now to the facts:

Video Resource 2: Jumping and waving hands

Video Resource 2 proves that Koreans know how to jump and to wave their hands. That's an important start so I continued going into more detail by specializing on older people wearing suits:

Video Resource 3: More jumping and waving hands

With Video Resource 3 I rate it as proven that Koreans know how to jump and wave their hands. So a very first step in answering the question Do Koreans know how to party? has been taken. Unfortunately - as mentioned in the very first paragraph - further research is unavoidable.

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