Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oh my dog

There is one good thing when coming back from Asia. Finally I can tell you, my dear readers, the truth about this country called Korea without any fear of being prosecuted, ha! So here come all the dirty secrets I was too afraid to write and the truth beyond all these blog posts of the past. But if you aren't prepared of the sincerity in all its glory I'd recommend you to stop reading now.

You should really stop reading now.

Hey! I'm serious!

Think about all these miracles in your life, back in a moment where everything seemed perfect but then somebody really destroyed all the magic, beat all the feelings out of your fragile little heart with a sledgehammer representing the dark cruel world we're living in, picked up the shards of your still-beating-but-it-was-a-little-heart-some-seconds-ago and forced you to choke on them while you tried to cry for help but you couldn't because you were actually choking on the bloody shards of your it-beat-some-seconds-ago-but-now-it-is-a-little-mess-instead-of-a-little-something-i-don't-even-remember-the-word-for-it. When you continue reading it will be worse.

Just stop reading. Easy as that.

You're still here!

Okay. But first of all let's have a conversation. Just testing if your're ready for the things you might read and see in the next few minutes that will feel like weeks and years of never ending pain for you. Did I mention that it might be a good idea to stop reading NOW?

Hm... so... what's your name?

Did you answer the question? Of course you didn't. This is not the way how it works! So once again: What's your name?

That's an interesting name. I knew somebody with the same name some while ago, but now this person is different. In fact, this person doesn't even remember its own name (I call this person "it" as nobody knows about the gender of this person as it is getting lost in its own state of neglect) and i think the person is naked all the time, but I can't tell because of all the dirt on its body and I can't ask as it is not reacting to anything. You want to know a disturbing fact? This person is you when you continue reading!

Ahhhh... still here? So... what did I want to write about? I forgot. Maybe because I will lose my mind if I continue making progress in the very wrong directions. So...

Let's make a deal, okay? I'll show you some pictures of British television. You'll like them. And then you'll forget about anything you read before. Specially about your curiosity. Here are some dogs for you. And they are very colorful!

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