Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nine lives of love

Hello my dear reader!

First of all: I love you! Sincerely! You might say Why the heck are you loving me? I just stumbled over this Blog only because I hate the world and spend most of my time reading random stuff about the fun hidden in the mysterious treasure chest called life hidden inside random thoughts of people I don't know and don't wanna know as I already mentioned that I hate the world and therefore hate people and hate fun and hate myself and castigate myself by wallowing myself in all theses characters comprehending things I hate. Or you might say something else. Or nothing at all.

And now I discovered font sizes. The internet is full of miracles. Nevertheless, let's move to the motivation why I deflorated this innocent blog by writing the very first entry:

I love you readers! I purr the whole day (and night) as I'm currently feeling like a cat living my remaining nine lives in good old Austria where each life represents a single day before entering new worlds of adventure and confusion.

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